Why Choose AfibAlert® Heart Rhythm Monitor

How to use AfibAlert for monitoring afib at home

If you’ve been diagnosed with (or at risk for developing atrial fibrillation), having peace of mind that you are in sinus rhythm is key to ensuring your continued health and happiness. AfibAlert® is the only stand alone heart rhythm monitor that is FDA-cleared with built in AFib detection, and here’s why it’s right for you!

AFib Detection and Heart Rhythm Monitoring for Patients:

  • If you have been diagnosed with AFib (or are at risk) and want the ability to monitor the effectiveness of your heart rhythm treatment plans and medications.
  • If you have had a medical procedure, such as an ablation, and would like to know you are staying in sinus rhythm and not having recurrence.
  • If access to your doctor or hospital is not easy where self-monitoring instead of expensive and stressful visits to an emergency room is desirable.
  • You want the ability to record, save, and access medical-grade ECG results from anywhere, at any time to enhance your ability to effectively track and communicate your heart health to your physician.
  • You just want peace of mind by being able to quickly and accurately know if your in or not in AFib.
  • Note: even if atrial fibrillation isn’t detected with the AfibAlert® and you still aren’t feeling well, we strongly recommend that you seek immediate medical attention.

Physicians and Specialists

  • You haven’t been able to successfully diagnose your patients’ arrhythmias with Holters or Loop Recorders.
  • You want to perform routine ECG checks in an easy and much more cost effective means during office visits.
  • You want to follow your patients to ensure patient safety post procedure or medication change.
  • You have patients that have difficulty with the sticky leads associated with traditional Holters and Loop Recorders.
  • You have remote patients where it isn’t feasible (time and cost) for them to visit your office and you need high quality ECG data to properly manage their health.
  • You don’t have the time or resources to wait while a patient gets a holter or event recorder prescribed to take back home.
  • You are frustrated with the low quality rhythm strips and misdiagnosis resulting from patients using consumer heart rhythm monitors.


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Physicians endorse AfibAlert for monitoring afib at home
Monitoring afib at home benefits ACOs and healthcare systems

Hospitals, Health Systems and Care Providers

  • Your organization is looking for low-cost, easy to use and accurate AFib and heart rhythm monitoring to reduce readmissions.
  • You serve cardiac patients in a broad geographic area and need ways to monitor them after discharge that is timely, accurate and economical.
  • You implemented remote cardiac monitoring for your chronically ill patient population and need an event recorder that is easy for those patients to use in their home.
  • Your organization has home health or clinical staff that need a cost-effective means for AFib detection and the ability to capture medical-grade quality ECGs in the field, in the office, or anywhere.
  • Your organization is implementing a population health management strategy for those at risk of or suffering from chronic cardiovascular disease.
  • You are launching wellness screenings that include early detection of Atrial Fibrillation or other arrhythmias.


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What patients and physicians are saying:

"It is the right kind of solution for patients, because it's a lifetime solution and Afib is a lifetime condition. I'm very impressed by the device."
Dr. Hugh Calkins, MD, Director, Cardiac Arrhythmia Service, Professor of Medicine
"I wish I had had it years ago, so I wouldn't have visited the ER so often…"
Frank (patient)
"The algorithm for detecting atrial fibrillation is extremely accurate. Another benefit to me has been the quality of the strips recorded compared to other single lead heart rhythm monitors. These high quality recordings are useful in identifying and monitoring other conditions as well as afib recurrence."
Robert Baker, MD, FACC, Nevada Cardiology Associates
"I have had the monitor for several years and have to tell you that this unit has saved my wife and I many days of anxiety and stress in knowing that I was not in Afib…"
Sherman (patient)
"The AfibAlert is beneficial in the clinical research arena to monitor for recurrence of atrial fibrillation after ablation. The quality of the ECGs it captures is excellent. In addition, patients find it extremely easy to use which yields high compliance"
John N. Catanzaro, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Florida Health - Jacksonville
"I've had my AfibAlert for about nine months (Afib, for four years). It is easy to use and has taught me a lot about my particular Afib patterns. My meds were keeping my heart rate down most of the time and so I thought I wasn't fibrillating unless I had one of the big, obvious episodes; the monitor taught me that I was fibrillating quite often at low heart rates, too. I'm not sure I would ever have figured this out by myself. I only wish I had discovered AfibAlert a year or two earlier."
Mary (patient)
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